Active Duty Navy for 15 years and now Navy Reserves drilling out of NOSC Corpus Christi, a father of 3 and CrossFitter. MadFitter® is not just about Kettle Bells, Wrist Wraps or Tee’s. Our Core Values and our goals are what makes MadFitter® so awesome!



Living in Padre Island, TX and  started dabbling with CrossFit in 2010 on deployment in Iraq with Poseidon CrossFit (Military Affiliate). Got orders to Spain late 2010 and met the CrossFit Rota gang (Military Affiliate).  I officially drank the Kool-Aid in 2011.  Training CrossFit and being a part of the community changed my life!  2012 CrossFit Rota made it to regionals as a Team, that lite a fire under me and turned training for life into being even better.  Fitness is very humbling, but with willpower, technique, and training you can get better at things you suck at!  Started MadFitter® while stationed in Guam. Love this community and island! Started and founded Readymade Gear an amazing jump rope company. Stationed 2016-2019 at NAS Corpus Christi, TX where I hit the ground running.  2017 founded and started Maingate CrossFit out side of NAS Corpus Christi. Currently working on MadFitter full time, going to Del Mar College, writing a self help book for enlisted service members.  


I want to thank everyone for their support but most importantly my kids,  Jon Brickey (Investor, Friend & Uncle), Jerrell Trulove (Photographer and friend), Diego Jaime (Content Creator and Friend), Chris Bartel (Main Graphics and Friend) and Tony Flinn (Partner and Friend). 





To support the tactical athlete with gear, training and community.